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Don’t settle for alternative “As Seen on TV” products with outdated designs


  • Premium Quality Mesh
  • Perfect Magnetic Seal
  • Strong Velcro Sewn in
  • Premium Choice Guarantee

Premium Quality Mesh

See and feel the difference of the high quality mesh used in Instant Bug Mesh. A higher thread count and smaller holes make for a stronger more durable mesh which feels soft, is machine washable and keeps more bugs out. Competing mesh products generally use lightweight polyester with seams that are heat sealed rather than sewn, to save on manufacturing costs.

Perfect Gap Free Seal

Using a combination of long magnet strips and strong magnet blocks, Instant Bug Mesh magnets are sewn into the seam providing a perfect seal from top to bottom. Magnets from competing mesh products are fastened in plastic clips leaving gaps where bugs will sneak in. With regular use the plastic clips can come loose and fall off.

Velcro system

Instant Bug Mesh has a full length Velcro strip sewn into the mesh across the top and four 4inch Velcro strips sewn down each side. Additionally you can use the provide push pins for an installation strong enough to handle years heavy household traffic. Competing mesh products ship with pieces of double sided sticky tape which is expected to stick to both the mesh and the door frame and simply will not last with regular use.

Installs in minutes

  • No tools required
  • Strong Velcro
  • Optional Push Pins Provided

Check out the Installation Video!

See how easy it is to install Instant Bug Mesh at home by watching our Installation Video. We believe in our product and we truly care about our customers. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and offer after sales support at our dedicated support center. See the Frequently Asked Questions below to find out more about installation.

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“WOW – This is the Best Screen Door I have ever had.

So Pleased – It does exactly what it says …Instant bug mesh …new design …no gaps!!”  - Pattie 

Very Satisfied!!

My family and I have gone through two other versions of this product, The Magic Mesh & Bug Off Instant Screen and in a matter of months they tore apart, but this Premium Magnetic Screen Door is perfect. We walk in and out of this screen on a regular day business (I want to say about at least 100 times a day// my family tends to cook outside) and do not have any issues of the screen not closing unlike the other versions where you would need to check if your screen even close. The screen is very adjustable, for our door width 29′ I simply velcro the top of the mesh, roll the sides together, use the thumb tacks provided, and done, the mesh door fits! As for the the length of the mesh I just simply folded a good portion of the mesh to door length and use safety pins and pinned a line across both sides of the mesh. I highly recommend this version of a screen mesh door


– When setting up the mesh door, make sure you give it some slack for the magnets to line up/close easily

Video Review

Holy Cow – it actually works!?!?!

I live in San Antonio, TX, where is is hot AND humid during the summer. So I did not just rely on the Velcro – I added a lot more tacks and made sure it was well-fitting and would stay in place. Because I HATE bugs so I wanted to make damn sure they could not get in,

But my dogs LOVE this thing. Took them about 2 minutes to figure out they could magically walk through this thing. And they used to go out an bark to come back in – which I am sure annoyed my neighbors. But now there is no more barking. The dogs just come in when they want to.

And no, I won’t have my door open during the south Texas summer days – but at night, this screen just became my good friend. It really works MUCH better than I anticipated.

Robert D. La Gesse, Amazon Verified Purchase


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FAQs – Instant Bug Mesh

If you cant find the answer to your question send us a message here.

Sizing & Installation

Instant Bug Mesh measures 36 inches by 83 inches (92cm x 210cm)
Instant Bug Mesh is suitable for doors up to 34 inches wide. At least an inch is required on each side to mount the mesh to the door frame.
No, Instant bug mesh fits a maximum door width of 34 inches. At least an inch is required on each side to mount the mesh to the door frame.
No, we only have one size. 36 inches by 83 inches (92cm x 210cm)
Instant Bug Mesh uses Velcro to attach to your door frame, one side is sewn into the mesh and the other side is stuck to the door frame. If necessary, you can also use the provided push pins for extra strength. Please watch the Installation Video above.
You may have installed the mesh too tightly, bring the sides in a little until the magnets can easily snap together.

Availability & Shipping

Instant Bug Mesh is exclusively available through Premium Choice Products on-line marketplaces. Click here to find your store.
Our state of the art global distribution network has stock locations around the world including the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia. No matter where you live, we can deliver to your door quickly and cost effectively.
There are many shipping options and promotions available including 1 day and 2 day options as well as free shipping promotions. To see what options are available please follow the link to your local on-line marketplace, add to cart and proceed to checkout.