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In January 2021 Premium Choice Products will be manufacturing and selling a new shower head product.  The showerhead gives you 3 layers of water filtering which allows for a much finer spray.  The filtered water also keeps your bathroom fittings shining due to no hard water. Unlike other similar products on the market, our unit is fully Chromed to match your bathroom suit plus this makes the head much stronger.  The product will be branded under our new brand (GoChrome).  This product will be available via our website, Amazon and eBay.   

The Chrome finish will look good in any bathroom.  Many other products on the market use plastic see-through bodies.  Our shower is stronger and fits in better with your existing bathroom decor.  

Extras included in the box can be seen ion the image on the right.  The extra set of filter beads gives you 12 months of supply.  Furthe beads will be available on our web site once the product is launched.  

Watch out for our launch in January 2021.  If you would like to be kept updated about this send us your contact details by clicking on Contact Us at the top of the page.  

The filter balls in this product help soften the water and remove impurities.  This helps anyone with sensitive skin.  It also means that the water will not cause limescale on your bathroom fittings helping you keep your bathroom cleaner longer.  

There are three available spray modes to suit your needs.  The first is super fine due to the smaller holes in the showerhead.  The second add jets to assist better with rinsing.  The third is jet alone for that massage feel.  This can all be adjusted using the toggle switch on the side of the head. 

We are a young family business started because we to wanted to join the boom that has been happening on Amazon.  Our first product will be released in January 2021.  the product is a 3 layer filtered shower head with a full chrome exterior.  The item is shown and described on our home page.  The company aims to deliver many Chrome products eventually with innovative designs and functionality to improve your kitchen and bathroom.  

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