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New Arrivals

In January 2021 Premium Choice Products will be releasing this new showerhead.  It gives you 3 layers of water filtering which then allows for a much finer spray.  The filtered water also keeps your bathroom fittings shining due to no hard water. The product will be branded under our new brand (GoChrome).  This product will be available via our website, Amazon and eBay.   

Electronic Products




Arduino Uno Development board


USB Sound Card for PC/mac and game consoles


ESP32 Audio Devlopment board

Electronics products available via our website.  Please click on Store at the top of the page. 

About us

We ae a young family business started beacuse we to wanted to join the boom that has been happen on Amazon.  Our first product will be released in January 2021.  the product is a 3 layer filtered shower head with full chrome exterior.  The item is shown and described on our home page.  Whilst waiting to deliver this product we have also been selling some electronic development products via eBay.  These can also been seen on the home page and within our store.  The company aims to deliver many Chrome products eventually with innovative designs and functionality to impove your kitchen and bathroom.  

Modern Home Decor

New Arrivals

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